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Kelly Taylor is Trailblazing a Sacred Rebellion

Kelly believes it’s time for all of us 21st Century-Wise Women to reclaim the power of the ancient, mythical Crone, to rewrite our stories, and change society’s paradigm around older women from “unappealing, valueless and invisible” to “Radiant, Compassionate, Powerful & Wise!” She has been called a true trailblazer for her drive to redefine the world’s perception of the Wise Woman. Through workshops, women’s circles, and coaching, she continues to lead the Crones Quest movement, a sacred rebellion of brilliant, creative women who are building the future we want to see together, each of us as a Woman in Full BloomTM .

“Get Unstuck from the Aging Muck is a must read for any woman approaching or currently in her third act.”  

Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of 'Happy for No Reason' and 'Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul'

“Kelly Taylor provides the road map for any woman over 50 to step into her Crone power.  At a time when our world desperately needs the leadership of the Wise Woman I am so glad this call to action has arrived!”

Patty Lennon, author 'Make Space for Magic'

"... if you want to reclaim your zest for life and honor that sacred gift you want to give voice to, Kelly's compelling book will take  you on the quest of a lifetime."

Julie Steelman, Author and Award-Winning Photographer

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