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Perhaps you have just turned 50 - or maybe you are approaching this midlife milestone (or on the other side of it).

And, if you’re anything like me (or most of the women I’ve supported as they’ve navigated this transition into their third act), it's not what you thought it would be. 

  • You have completed many of society's milestones (i.e., career, marriage, kids) but feel somewhat uprooted as what you have identified with in the past is now gone (or radically changed).
  • You are asking, “What's next? but aren’t sure where to go for the answers.
  • You know you are at a great time in your life, but you can’t shake the feeling, “Something is missing.”
  • You often feel guilty for wanting more because you have had a great life so far... but you feel deeply that there IS more and you yearn for something that is truly yours and your alone.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live a life that sets your entire being on fire?

  • Where you are energized by possibility and your creative juices have been rekindled!
  • You look in the mirror unapologetically - and see the power and brilliance there!
  • You go beyond predictable behavior, take risks, and have FUN!
  • You are making an impact in ways that really matter to you!

And most importantly... you feel fulfilled.

Is this possible?  Absolutely!  Let me show you how.

The Crones Quest Incubator

A 6-month, co-creative coaching journey

Designed for midlife women who are ready to activate their zestful spirit and use their wisdom, lived experience, and passion to create the legacy they are meant to live and leave behind, this coaching experience provides a safe container for growth, exploration, and leadership activation.

The 6-month journey is divided into three sequential phases.

Phase 1:  The Awakening

(1 month)

Society is not very complimentary to older women, to say the least. As we embark on our work together, you will go beyond society's descriptions of women in older age and that will enable you to see that the Crone era is heralding in the best days of your life!  You get to author a new story of possibility where you can play a pivotal, influential role for those who have less lived experience than you do.

So who is the revered Wise Woman - the mythical Crone? I admit, I had no idea and had not even heard the term "crone" until I reached the third phase of my life.  A key relationship to be nurtured is your relationship to her. How was she perceived? Was she truly the keeper of society's wisdom? This is the starting point for defining your New Crone Woman and participating in the redefinition of the Crone Archetype for the 21st Century.

Phase 2: The Activation

(2 months)

Before you embark on your Legacy Quest, I support you to (re) define:

Your Value. First, the value of your Life.  We as women so often do not see our own value as we have been putting the needs of everyone else before our own.  So now it's time to create your Wonder Woman story! By sharing your story, you will connect deeply to everything you have accomplished and overcome. Second, is the value of your Body, your physicality - yes NOW. Wrinkles, for example, are not a bad thing. They are something you have earned. You will learn to become whole-body centered in your natural beauty and radiance.

Your Voice.  What is the deepest yearning you have in this season of life - right now?  What have you been preparing your entire life for?  You will answer these questions, and others, as you clarify the legacy you are meant to live and leave behind.

Your Visibility.  You have now connected to your value and your legacy. It is time to share it. The world needs your gifts. And young women are waiting to see the path you will show them. (Yes, this was the most terrifying part for me - still is!)  I will be there to support you as you step into your greatness (and, as a result, give women behind you permission to step into theirs).

Phase 3: The Quest

(3 months)

This is where our work gets even more exciting, as you take bold action and embark on your quest.

So why do I call it a quest? A quest is to seek something important, overcome challenges, and go on an adventurous journey. And that perfectly describes the Crones Quest. 

Here is where you allow your game-changing leadership mindset and behaviors to propel you to step into leadership. With self-care as a new norm, and with your creativity and intuition guiding the way, your legacy will bloom.


By the end of your 6 month journey you will:

  • Experience the joy of living your legacy with power, fierceness, and passion!
  • Own your inherent value and (re)discover the talents you want to share with the world
  • Cultivate the courage to be seen and truly shine!


Included in your experience:

  • Twelve (12), 60-minute coaching sessions every other week via Zoom or on the phone
  • Email access to me between sessions
  • Personalized assignments and tools to engage with during integration weeks
  • Downloadable copies of each session's handouts/assignments
  • Recordings of each of your coaching sessions
  • Special *surprise* bonuses to heighten the magic of your quest!

The Crones Quest is a call to leadership. It’s a call to take all of your experiences, your challenges, your successes, and your mistakes and, in this new season of life, use your power and brilliance to live and leave the legacy that only you can make.

The world is waiting.

It’s your time.

Are you ready?

If your answer is a full-bodied YES, and you want to find out more about the possibilities for our work together, I invite you to a Crossover Conversation.

During this 45-minute, complimentary, one-on-one call with me, you will:

  • Clarify what you are most looking forward to in this next life chapter
  • Start visioning your vital contribution and the legacy you want to live and leave behind
  • Experience what a co-creative coaching relationship with me looks and feels like

And, of course, I will answer any questions you may have about the Crones Quest.

Is it worth 45-minutes of your time to reset the trajectory of this incredible time of your life to one of power and possibility?

I have a limited number of these Crossover Conversation sessions available, so please reserve your spot now!

Just click on the Calendly link below and select a time that is most convenient for you.


I look forward to meeting you soon for your Crossover Conversation.

After all, YOU deserve it.

What others are saying ...

"I recently heard Kelly's "Crones Quest" and I loved it!  As a woman beginning her sixties, I have no role models or guidance on how to navigate this stage of my life.  Kelly has given me a real vision that I can work with."

- Cynthia Owen, Certified Feminine Power Coach, Beyond the Story Coaching

"Kelly's commitment to raise the visibility and value of the Wise Woman is awe inspiring.  In a time when the lost wisdom of our crones is desperately needed, Kelly is the voice of the leader we've been looking for!"

 - Patty Lennon, Host of the Wealth & Purpose Podcast (Wealth & Purpose)

"Kelly has designed the Crones Quest to offer a path for those who boldly stand for their worth as beautiful, courageous, and powerful women.  She recognizes that our later years are not the end of the road, rather she consciously sees them as a new beginning for all of us to step into the truth of who we are.  Kelly is a true trailblazer honoring her own intuition and drive to redefine the world's perception of the Wise Woman so that our gifts and accomplishments are rightfully celebrated."

- Judy Starn MA, MEd, Certified Life Coach,    Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor/Trainer

"Kelly Taylor is a deeply caring wise woman, with an incredibly powerful voice and visibility. And, her message is invaluable. She is paving the way forward for women entering the 3rd phase of their life. Her incredible coaching and unique approach can help you activate your value, voice and visibility. I highly recommend Kelly's coaching offers."

- Justine Page, Founder of The Essense Effect

It's Time to Embrace This Special Season of Your Life!